Rebranding Death

How the redesign of end of life services are changing our perception of mortality Someone shared a tweet the other day that caught my eye – a gallows humour reaction of Beyond.Life’s extensive London Underground campaign proclaiming how their service could help make the end of life easier: Quite apart from the sad truth the tweet was … Continue reading Rebranding Death

‘Pride Month’ branding – a how to guide

This article first appeared on The Marketing Society blog: Pride month is around the corner, a time for queer celebration, parades, solidarity, vigils and tributes to those who have been lost due to hate and intolerance. It’s exciting, often playful, sometimes sad, and incredibly important to the queer community. Each year more and more brands … Continue reading ‘Pride Month’ branding – a how to guide

Millennial Health

How the design language of tech and clean eating made natural supplements alluring In the past, herbal pills came in flowery or bland packaging that used green or brown as a signifier of safety, emphasising ‘calm, benevolent nature’ almost to the point of being boring. Now bright colours, jovial language, and happy graphics are injecting … Continue reading Millennial Health

Worrying Futures – Post-Millennium Sci-fi Gets Closer to Home

As of October 21st 2015, we are officially living in the future. This is the date that Marty McFly travelled to in Back to the Future Part II, a world full of hoverboards, flying cars and self-tying sneakers. However, rather than presenting us with far off futuristic visions, more recent popular sci-fi narratives like Her (2013), Ex Machina (2015), The Lobster (2015), Black Mirror (2016) … Continue reading Worrying Futures – Post-Millennium Sci-fi Gets Closer to Home

The future is warm, the future is orange

The future is warm, the future is orange. Blade Runner 2049's orange lighting mirrors the trend seen in Her and Ex Machina (bottom image) - future worlds that are not exclusively cold, clinical blue-lit laboratories, but warm, domestic, glowing settings. Both Harrison Ford's Vegas living room and Jared Leto's minimalist palace in Blade Runner are … Continue reading The future is warm, the future is orange

Electric Dreams

Bjork's new video 'The Gate' places her in a stunning Sci Fi fantasy landscape familiar from new video games No Man's Sky and Monument Valley. Lilac spheres and curious shapes float above warm grasses. A soothing haze hangs over the scene, an atmosphere of calm and serenity - undiscovered, untouched benevolent worlds. Nature is a … Continue reading Electric Dreams